The last of the Secret Agents – 1966

Steve Rossi  and Nancy Sinatra in The last of the Secret Agents – 1966

Marty Johnson and Steve Donovan, two American tourists in France, unwittingly become involved in the operations of THEM, an international band of art thieves headed by the diabolical Zolten Schubach. Pressed into working for GGI (Good Guys Inc.), which is the nemesis of THEM, Marty and Steve are given The Umbrella, a multi-purpose piece of spy apparatus rejected by James Bond and Derek Flint. While entertaining guests at Schubach’s chateau, Marty and Steve learn that THEM is planning to steal the Venus di Milo when it is shipped to the London World’s Fair. Using The Umbrella to wire their finding to GGI, the two receive orders to stay with the gang until it can be apprehended. Mayhem then follows aboard a Paris-bound train and in a helicopter tracking the vehicle carrying the famed statue. The thieves are captured, and Marty and Steve return to the United States as heroes. But just as they are being hailed as the protectors of national treasures, helicopter cables are removing the Statue of Liberty from its foundation.

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