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The Munsters – Season 1, Episode 19 (1965)

1965 Plymouth Barracuda Formula S

1965 Aston Martin D B 5

Ann Magret in THE CINCINNATI KID (1965)

Carroll Baker in Harlow (1965)

A screen adaption of the blistering best-seller which examines the story of platinum blonde bombshell Jean Harlow…

Brigitte Bardot in Viva Maria! (1965)

The Secret of My Success (1965)

Stella Stevens in The Secret of My Success (1965) Fast climbing Arthur Tate rose to his fame,…

Hot Rod 1965 Feb

Hot Rod 1965 Feb


Natalie Wood in THE GREAT RACE (1965) Professional daredevil and white-suited hero, The Great Leslie, convinces turn-of-the-century…