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Playgirl After Dark 1960

Jayne Mansfield as Midnight Franklin  in Playgirl After Dark – 1960 In London’s Soho, Johnny Solo runs…

Seven Thieves (1960)

Joan Collins in Seven Thieves (1960) In Monte Carlo, Theo Wilkins (Edward G. Robinson) recruits his young…

Plymouth Fury Convertible 1960.

BUTTERFIELD 8, Eddie Fisher, Susan Oliver, Elizabeth Taylor, 1960

Plymouth Fury Convertible 1960.

Plymouth Fury Convertible 1960.

Twin Freeze Jumpin Jack’s Charcoal Pit 1960

All the Fine Young Cannibals 1960

Natalie Wood in All the Fine Young Cannibals, 1960 The minister of the town has died and…

Alfred Hitchcock’s, “Psycho,” 1960

Janet Leigh appearing in Alfred Hitchcock’s, “Psycho,” 1960. A Phoenix secretary embezzles $40,000 from her employer’s client,…

Electronic Age 1960