Category: TV shows we watched in the 60’s

Uhura “Star Trek”

I Dream of Jeannie (1965)

Barbara Eden  Larry Hagman A United States astronaut finds his life vastly complicated when he stumbles on…

Lawrence P. Casey, Christopher George, Darwin Joston, and Gary Raymond in The Rat Patrol (1966)

A four-man team of commandos within the Long Range Desert Group fights the Nazis in North Africa….

A touch of Brimstone

Diana Rigg in The Avengers (1961)

Yvonne Craig wtching TV

Yvonne Craig in her Batgirl costume

Lori Saunders, Linda Henning and Meredith MacRae “Petticoat Junction”

Peggy Lipton, Michael Cole, and Clarence Williams III in The Mod Squad (1968)

1965 – Hogan’s Heroes 

1965 Nita Talbot, Bob Crane & Arlene Martel on the set of the TV show- Hogan’s Heroes…

Diana Rigg

Society was so much more prudish in the 1960s. In one episode of The Avengers (1961), I…